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Organizational change make-up or face-lifting
There is this saying that organizational change is what the top wants the middle to do to the bottom. Very often what is left unsaid are the consequences coming from this
Feedback vs. Feedforward – how to improve the efficiency of team development?

Providing feedback is one core skills developed and practiced during workshops for managers. However, there is one aspect which is frequently
Trusting your boss - a theory or a business practice
Manager's strength does not come from the tone of his voice or the title on his business card, but by virtue of his authority - a leader builds it through daily, systematic
Juggling with jelly - how to use managerial styles in practice
In the previous article, we tackled a topic of the basic management styles characteristic and relationships between superiors and subordinates. Following
Personal conflict - creative or destructive energy for business?
Organizational change is a catalyst for many interpersonal processes that, in a subcutaneous way, function in the company. Some are suppressed, while others
Costa Concordia and leadership
In many mature teams, going through transformation together, instead of destroying, strengthens the bonds between its members, building mutual trust and a sense of interdependence.

Fruit salad or jam - how to extract the full flavor of the managed team
The leader’s role is to create a team that resembles a multi-flavored fruit salad where each fruit feels individual, but all together they create
Manager as organizational change leader for subordinates
Paraphrasing W. Edwards Deming, one might say that "Change is inevitable, but growth is not compulsory." In today's article, we'll look at the ways in which a manager
Implementation pitfalls - why is it so difficult to get into developmental activities?
In previous articles, I wrote that organizational change would fail without personal change of individual employees. I also mentioned
Motivating subordinates - science or art?
The search for the answer to the question of what drives an individual to action has resulted in the emergence of so many „theories on motivation”. One of the well-known approaches
Professional burnout - a cough, runny nose or pneumonia ?
In my work I often encounter clients who achieve very good professional results, their career is on a rising course, yet despite all the attributes of success,
Promotion - an opportunity or a threat?
Changes at the highest levels of management are often accompanied by changes at the lower levels. In addition to external opportunities, there is the possibility of internal promotion
Role conflict - manager's initial 100 days
I decided to address the topic of the role conflict, because I often encounter this issue when talking to clients. Many of the mistakes that they could avoid need not only a
Generation "whY" - chance or threat?
I decided to write an article about the changes in management strategies faced by the managers of the Y generation, because this topic comes up more and more often in the discussions
New leader - how to shorten the process of assimilation?
After publishing recent articles, I received questions about tools that could support the new leader coming from outside the organization to an existing team. What
Organizational climate - "soft" side of tangible results
Many managers wonder how can teams or organizations increase the value of their resources by tens of percent. According to research conducted by consulting companies,