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Competence Development

The essential knowledge is already within us – what is often missing is the key to access it. The most effective way for a person to learn is to look within oneself and games help to achieve that.

Additionally, an organization and its people most often possess the knowledge, which enables them to face difficulties and to achieve higher levels of business effectiveness. Our role is to show them how to access that knowledge and to help them shape the ability to use it in practice.

Every person has an inner child. It is a precious “artifact” of a period when learning was interesting and fun. Our trainings are based on games and exercises that take participants back to the days when trying new ways of doing things was without the risk of failure, the stigma of judgement or rejection.

Development cycles are constructed according to the following rules:

  • They consist of at least three two-day training sessions.
  • Each session is conducted in a time interval not longer than two months.
  • Participants get ‘development tasks’, and their completion qualifies them to take part in the next part of the program.
  • The differences in results testify to the attendees’ readiness for change and willingness to introducing new ways of working.
  • Overall group results drive more precise planning of development activities.
  • The development program begins and ends with 360 degree individual feedback of all participants.