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Executive Coaching

The most common areas where personal coaching is recommended are:

  • Career development and the challenges associated with the new position
  • Lower than expected impact of the manager
  • Preventing and dealing with the first symptoms of burnout at work
  • Personal conflicts in the office and the associated deterioration of the atmosphere at work
  • Decreasing engagement at work and lack of alignment with the company’s goals
  • Growing sense of helplessness at work and lack of direction

Evidence-based coaching is a method of cooperation with the client both individually and on a group level. We go beyond the standard types of coaching (executive, personal, life coaching). Our training is based on current knowledge of social sciences, the goal of which is to support the individual’s behavioral change.

In working with clients, we rely on diagnostic tools that allow a quantifiable evaluation of the coaching process. To precisely define development areas, in addition to using an in-depth Behavioral Event Interview (BEI), we implement 360 degrees feedback, which, depending on the intent of coaching and the client’s requirements, supports the identification of emotional and/or professional development opportunities.