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About Us

Company’s core competencies:
The organization and practical implementation of multi-stage trainings and development programs, directed mainly to structures working with the external customer.

The implementation of organization-change programs, focused on driving initiatives and creating entrepreneurial attitudes among managers.


Each client is unique and requires an individual approach.

Each company has its own philosophy and organizational culture, which determines its identity and makes it unique among the external environment. The key success factor is to capture the uniqueness of the company philosophy and its organizational culture and then adjust the developmental activities in order to strengthen it.


The success of every change process is determined at the beginning.

The Preparation stage is tantamount in each and every one of our projects. This applies both to analyzing our client’s problems and internal conditions then adapting our methods and tools to best suit our client’s needs.


Each training and development activity must result in noticeable improvement.

From the very beginning, the philosophy of our work is to produce results for our clients. This is reflected in the realization of measurable business objectives, which are set by our clients prior to any development project. The effectiveness of our approach is measured in our client’s bottom line.


Our Client’s business… is our business

Our ambition is to establish a long-term cooperation with our clients. Therefore, as a key indicator, which measures the effectiveness of our work, we strive to make a noticeable improvement in our clients’ results. We believe that such an attitude will provide a real, long-term partnership.

We provide consultancy on key HR processes that develop the department and increase its contribution to the organization’s business results.

Meritum 360 – authoring application, which allows us to make diagnoses in the field of Human Resource Management (Audit Motivation, Management Styles, Leadership and Emotional Competence).


Every real change starts with a personal change of the individual.

While providing trainings, which aim to improve the business competencies, we need to remember that it is impossible to separate the professional sphere from the personal. Therefore we run our programs on two levels: professional and personal. We try to empower them to transfer effective practices on their non-professional relationships in order to improve their personal lives.


Usually people have knowledge – what they are missing is the key to that knowledge

The organization and most of the people working in it, already have the knowledge they need to overcome the difficulties or to achieve higher levels of business performance. Our job is to show them the path to this knowledge and to improve their skills in practice.


In order to learn effectively, we need to make it fun

Every person carries within themselves – more or less hidden – a child; a precious “relic” of a period in which learning was interesting and fun. Therefore, our trainings are based on games and exercises that take participants back to the days when testing new ways of doing things was without risk of failure, stigma or rejection.


Common sense first, then methodologies and approaches

Should our client have rational arguments against methodology that we present, we are open to change it and adjust it to the client’s specific needs. In Smiech & Partners we develop an individual approach for each project.